4 H.I.M. Ministries Inc.

Our Birth

4 H.I.M. Ministries L.L.C., incorporated on May 29, 2016 was founded on the premise of honor, integrity, and mission of Christ. 4 H.I.M. Ministries L.L.C is created to place the focus of ministry back on the promises of God through Jesus Christ. 4 H.I.M.  Ministries L.L.C. exist to produce custom merchandise that encourages, promote love, and create opportunities to connect and share the love of Christ. 


Danielle L. Paul loves God! Accepting the Lord’s assignment to be a teacher and preacher of the Word in 2006 and after two years of diligent study, she was elevated into the office of a Teacher. In 2015 she was ordained as an Elder and currently serves God faithfully in her local church. Having a dream of receiving her Masters in Divinity, she graduated from Missio Seminary in 2020, formerly Biblical Theological Seminary, with her M.Div. in the Urban Pastoral track. Her greatest accomplishments are her children. She is the proud and humble mother of three beautiful young adults; Sakwon-Ali, Briahn, and Rodney.

How Did We Get Here?

Desiring marriage and excessively longing for Mr. Right, Danielle asked God why she was still single? It was in this challenging place that God began to deal with her concerning the “him” she so longed. Through much prayer, she realized there were some things she still needed to address within herself. As she began to allow God to uncover the hidden parts of her heart, God revealed her heart and the unfinished work still needed. He instructed her to place Christ at the focal point of her life and to live by His principles. He reminded her; Christ honored God in all that He did on earth. Christ always walked in integrity, and He stayed true to His mission – redemption back to God. And so, 4 H.I.M. Ministries L.L.C. came into existence since that was her ultimate desire; to live 4 H.I.M. and to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Her foundational scripture became Matthew 28:18-20…go and make disciples.

The Transformation

Publishing her first book in September of 2016, “What’s In A Name?” is written from the perspective of how to know and understand your identity in God. This book came from the very first sermon she preached at a small home-church. The premise is based on the life of Abraham as he transitioned from Abram to Abraham. In 2020 she published her first prayer journal, “Lord God, Teach Me and Guide Me in a New Way.” This prayer journal premise and desire is for pastors to reconnect with God and understand the importance of implementing a consistent Sabbath day in their very hectic schedule. While the initial focus was for pastors and leadership, the focus quickly shifted to everyone, as God has gifted everyone a Sabbath in their life. In between the books, she has mastered the art of custom apparel, embroidery, and producing other unique custom gifts. God is continually challenging her and pushing her outside of her comfort zone – and she loves it!


She has always wanted to encourage, uplift, and inspire those she came in contact with. With an innate ability to lead and a fierce fervor to help guide people into their destiny, Danielle hopes this company will be used as a conduit to launch a broader net to demonstrate God’s love. Her skill and ability are God-given as she has had limited formal training on apparel designing, vinyl apparel, bling apparel, and embroidery, to name a few. Her commitment to excellence has helped launch a successful all-inclusive business specializing in these areas and creating items that reflect the individual’s uniqueness. In 2021, she launched a wholesale division of 4 H.I.M. Ministries called 4 H.I.M. Wholesale, where hobbyists and entrepreneurs can purchase items to further their craft at a reasonable price. 

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is her passion, and it is her desire that all will come unto true repentance and understanding of who Christ is, and acceptance of Him as their Savior. His message can be fashionable if done correctly, and 4 H.I.M. Ministries L.L.C. is a leader in the industry.

She has only begun to experience the greater in God and all that he has prepared for her life. She believes 4 H.I.M. Ministries LLC exist to teach, preach and produce merchandise that will inspire, motivate and reflect love into an often-uncaring world. 

There is still more to come!